Libra male female libra compatibility

I am so sorry for your bittersweet experience with one of my fellow libra's. I pray to god he heals your heart and replenishes your soul It's been three years since my comment below. And I roncakes I wonder how you are? In just three years I've gotten a ten year education on personality disorders. While on here commenting I notice there's women who relate to my comments about my husband and his jerkiness. While other on here post comments that they get along great with their libra mate.

I am very happy for those who do have a beautiful balance with their mate because a balance with another libra is truly a beautiful thing. It's true too that much care needs to be taken to protect it from outside influences because two libras happy is hard to miss.

Libra man and Libra woman

We draw people to us like magnets do metal. Sadly it pisses a lot of envious unhappy people off watching two people flow together not apart through life. You'll be attacked almost always needing to be on guard. Evil people are quite clever at their approach and libras tend to be very kind hearted. What you think is nothing is some getting set to step in and make havoc of your life. Two libra off balance at the same time as you might expect is so chaotic it takes a long time to regain balance.

In mean time a lot of damage can be done. Friendships with other people when you are happy might surprise you as you won't even know who is secretly hating on you. Bottom line is set clear boundaries and stick to them. Both of you be aware of what you have together and never keep secrets from the other. Libras work best as a team. Just know that in long term relationships with libra, word finally gets out you two are indeed a bonded couple, and people stop trying to get between you though it is still something you have to be watchful for.


Now about the rest of us libras with our knock our socks off prince charmings that create confusion and hurt and unhappiness for us? Yes it is abuse when they call us name, ignore us, gaslight us doing something like moving a chair to the corner of the room then saying they didn't do it or saying they didn't call you a bitch when they always call you a bitch. Always are moody and hurtful and we are left so confused even doubting our own sanity that's what they are aiming for waking up looking at them and realizing that we don't know them anymore.

Narcissist come packaged as libras, cancers, pieces, and so on. No zodiac sign is missed with this personality defect. It's not my web site but one that woke me up to what I was dealing with in my relationship three years ago. Please put your "likes" in for this article because it was good and our comments from it have open your eyes some.

But go visit "ladywithatruck" and read what she talks about and come back here and tell us what you think. Tell me if I'm not right about narcissist and abuse. If you are with a libra partner and they hurt your feelings and the relationship has gone from love romance and you up in a pedestal to confusion, pain, you feeling like you must have done something wrong to make your mate suddenly feel this way about you there's a You need to know now before you go any further what's up so you can understand it's not you it's them.

Go read the blog I recommended. This type of relationship is happening more and more. Emotional abuse and gaslighting, crazy making,isolation. These are wolves in sheeps clothing. They are charming. Everyone loves them. That's because everyone doesn't live with them. They are master manipulators without conscience. There for they can be dangerous. The reason we get stuck in it so long is we just don't want to believe it. We can't get the picture of them they painted when we were being swept off our feet out of our heads.

No one wants to think they were fooled by someone. But we were. By the best actors in the world too. One thing though I want to warn you about is they fear exposure. This is where it get dangerous. Just figure out a way to get money saved so you can make a clean break and you must go no contact. The abuse gets worse as time goes on. I hope this helped anyone here being victimized by their libra partner Even just one person would make me happy.

We need to help each other. I have been with my libra narcissist 25 years this December. I have a plan and I'm getting out. There's way more to all this but you need to read up on it. I think it is just like any other zodiac sign. It is about knowing your mate and how you handle compromising with your significant other. I find that when people are in a relationship they act as if they are in a relationship with themselves you cant expect your partner to know what you want you have to be able to communicate effectively male or female and sometimes that may require you changing your approach from the way you normally are use to doing things.

My libra male requires attention but so do I. He likes to feel like a king and I like to feel like a queen. It doesn't mean that I am a submissive women to everything he do but I definitely can relate most women like to be pamper for their work they put in.

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It can be an amazing experience. My libra man is my dream. I find we are perfect together. We have had just a few fights, but always resolved them peacefully and learned from the experience. We have friendly debates. I am always laughing My bf is an Italian Libra male, I'm a Libra female. I'm not sure what number. He says very hurtful things and calls me names He said in Italy the woman is submissive to the man. I'm from Georgia and am a very strong Southern woman so submissive is not in my Vocabulary.

I'm constantly nursing his ego so that he feels like "The Man". I would not recommend two Libras getting together. There other signs your more compatible with because you will find yourself working really hard and sooner or later you will ask your self "if something is this hard to do is it going to work" I'm emotional exhausted and have answered my own question's. Sure2purr , My boyfriend and I are both Libras as well and when you said your husband handles battles like a total jerk and he says hurtful things I am sooo glad I came to this site and im glad that I am not the only one whos partner is the same way.

Its hard to be in a Libra and Libra relationship but its one of the top compatiblities. I'm born first part of Oct. A really great book to read that breaks down the signs even further is the Zodiac big book for Birthdays. There it tells you whether you're for example a Libra 1, Libra 2, or Libra 3. My husbands a 1 and I'm a 2.

Ive been with my husband 20 yrs. I play the male role a lot while he is the emotional female. It's weird I know but it is what it is. We have strong bonds together but our battles he handles sometimes like a total jerk when not getting his way and he will say hurtful things that aren't nice, fair, true, or promote balance at all.

Libra Man And Libra Woman Love Compatibility |

Any constructive criticism he takes as an attack. He needs more attention that most other people. He has a lot of emotional affair type friendships and he is an ego stroker car salesmen for 40 yrs with lots of ego stroking friendships he tried to keep under wraps. On the same token if reversed he would have a fit but after 10 yrs I learned to just be myself first and foremost ignore it.

Surround myself with what my ego needs were, and he had to get over it. So today we both seem happy with our personal lives.

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Libra woman has overflowing charisma that draws a lot of admirers and friends. She is easygoing, well-mannered and pleasant to be with. There is never a dull moment with this social butterfly. In love, this charming lady seeks a man who will complete her and will treat her as an equal. Togetherness is a driving force in her life. To win the heart of a Libra woman, a man must be really patient. In her desire to have a perfect relationship, it takes her a long time to make up her mind.

A mistake always puts her off balance.

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He also has to be romantic and generous. Wooing her the old-fashioned way will surely win points. Being an Air sign, a Libra can lack emotional sensitivity so she matches well with a man who can help her be in touch with her emotions and be honest about it. Libra man is romantic. He maybe suave, cool and composed but being in lovemakes him all giddy and googly eyes.

This charming man gets attracted to smart and beautiful women. He falls for someone who compliments him in every area of his life. A woman who is in sync with his values, hobbies, career goals and even in the looks department, will certainly get this man smitten. It is important though that they really click because Libra man is in search for the soulmate kind of woman in his life. He has the tendency to hop from one relationship to the next in search for his perfect match.

Libra man is a very sociable person so his partner must understand and accept his way of life and circle of friends.

Twin Beams: Intellectual Equals With Manners and Magic

He can be a little flirty with his admirers and may even rationalize it. His indecisiveness and controlling nature can get in the way. It may take time before he takes the plunge, so his partner must be willing to wait until he pops the question. This couple will initially have a smooth sailing relationship. The positive qualities that these two similarly have will create a strong bond between them. A strong sense of co-dependency will exist. They would want to be together all the time. Two people who think and feel alike will surely have a blissful journey ahead.

However, in the long run their similar weaknesses will be heightened and that is when the bubble of happiness and romance starts to pop. First, both are indecisive. A relationship can only have room for one. Second, both are non-confrontational. How can this be bad? If there are issues at hand, it is still best to sit down and discuss matters rather than accept things as they are for the sake of harmony. Unresolved issues is never healthy for relationships. These two must be able to work on the gloomy side of their relationship. The good thing is both desire to achieve balance in love and will hang on till.

These two has the potential to last long and the possibility of getting married is high. We use cookies to give you the best online experience.