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Apparently they baked round honey cakes and lit long taper candles to place at the altar of moon goddess Artemis. The glowing cakes supposedly looked like the moon and they believed that the smoke from the candles carried their thoughts and prayers up to the gods. Well it seems the symbolism of candles is something that has carried throughout the ages, as they are also linked to the German Kinderfest in the 18 th Century.

Many think this is where our modern association of birthday cake and candles comes from. Sounds… a bit creepy. What was once a very plain affair is now an opportunity to indulge your sweet tooth and playfulness.

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We also recommend the not-so-subtle heavy hint dropping to your nearest and dearest. Need a cake?

The Origins Of The Birthday Cake With Candles - Belmar Bakery

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    Details Surprise the birthday boy or girl with a birthday cake with real candles! Size straight candles: approx. Size Happy Birthday candles: approx.

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