Cancer weekly horoscope october 16

Yes, you understand the need to gather your facts and think through plans before doing anything. That waiting period is over. No sign is better at handling difficult people than Aquarius.

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Out of character as ignoring the matter in question may be, do exactly that. This will clear your mind and lead to amazing insights. By no means are you a rebel. While, usually, that works, your birthday chart accents the importance of confronting the actual situation or individuals involved.

And, of perhaps greater importance, you could even get others thinking about their approach to such matters.

Ironically, while some are very complex indeed, others are so simple they can be resolved in a single discussion. Long ago, you learnt not to argue with those whose minds are closed to change or new ideas. Not only is that unlikely, these discussions could end badly. Back off. For now, the answer is nothing.

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Wait and watch. However, you long ago learnt that experience is the best teacher, so backed off. But you must be patient. Let them come to you. Once those changes are clear, the rest will be easy. This may be the time to take them to the next stage. Those around you describe you as fearless. However, most are unaware of the combination of discussion, research and reflection that precedes taking action.

However, many confuse making critical comments with this. Be particularly aware of such remarks, because some of those could be aimed at you. These issues are giving them an excuse to challenge certain otherwise uncooperative individuals. Be bold. Only after that should you even think of talking over your most recent ideas. Life in the fast lane is fun. Some differences can be negotiated with a combination of tact and clever thinking. Try to overcome that. While in some cases this will be a relief, others are rousing anxieties.

Still, plunge in. In this case, you might even suggest discussing them now. The odds are good others are as eager as you are to tackle, and deal with, any issues. Venus, the planet of charm and persuasion, has just moved into the most strategic portion of your chart. Still, the resulting insights will justify the patience required. Long ago you learnt how unwise it is to ignore what you feel about questionable matters and, equally, what you sense about certain individuals. However, when you state you intend to think about something, you mean exactly that.

Ideally, this will focus on certain beliefs or convictions that, in fact, need to be updated. This birthday is about, first, viewing these from a very different if not revolutionary angle. Initially, you may be anxious.

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Being a resilient Aries, you may have been unaware the impact of pivotal issues or misunderstandings. Talk them through. With patience, they can be resolved. Unfortunately, not everybody has the same philosophy of life, which means certain individual are behaving badly to you and others. Say nothing. Last week Mars, the planet of courage and action, moved into the part of your chart that has to do with those people and projects that are dear to your heart. This has triggered discussions if not clashes about certain increasingly tricky issues.

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Many Cancerians are aware of their tendency to recall past issues and, on occasion, allow them to overshadow existing arrangements. Discuss these frankly. Still, go.

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Long ago, you leant to curb your tendency as a Virgo to criticise certain individuals for their carelessness or inattention to details. Busy yourself with other things. You are, but remain concerned the basis on which any agreement is made could shift, which would complicate matters. Still, in such matters, the first step is often the most challenging. This is no surprise. Begin with one person, somebody who you trust. However, futher discussions might be wise.

Being true to yourself, and who and what you believe in is fundamental to your nature. Do some serious investigation. With things moving so swiftly at the moment, everybody is under pressure. Love-wise, even if it seems obvious, a partner needs reassuring that your heart is still in the relationship.

The moon in your money chart can get cash flowing your way but other people are too enthusiastic about spending it for you. Text a psychic. Max 3 per reply. You must have bill payers permission. Calls recorded for your protection, Max call duration 19 minutes for number. These services are for entertainment only.

UK only. To opt out of free promo messages call Helpline: SP: Inveroak. How much you value yourself is in the spotlight. Do your best to find the owner of the find. And, only if your efforts are unsuccessful, leave the little thing found to yourself. Otherwise, the item you pick up can draw you into trouble. And the potential couple will become the worst enemy. Treat yourself to a visit to a masseur or master the technique of self-massage. With such a combination of circumstances, as during this period, massage will be the best way to relieve stress and cheer up.

Pisces or Pisces Rising Playful kittens. Allow yourself to become vulnerable. You should not be emotionally responsible for everyone. Love you and love you. Allow yourself to be more vulnerable than you often. Open your heart so you can fully feel your feelings. When you do this, it's time to free and forgive anything that absorbs too much energy. Aries or Aries rise third eye. Following your intuition. Latch forward like an arrow, No need for guessing or delay.

And so you can try to make your relationship even stronger. You can revolutionize yourself - let go of the old ways and old pains and move forward. Taurus or Taurus Rising horses pulling carriages.

Horoscope for the next week from October 16. Libra in love. Love Horoscope - Aquarius

Moving at a good pace. Horses pull the carriage with measured force. This works because it is consistent. Where can you bring more consistency to your life? Weekly Horoscope October , Scorpio For the development of personal relationships, October is a calm, harmonious month. Joint races will contribute to a greater rapprochement with the second half if they manage to escape to another city for at least a couple of days and evenings in the company of old friends.

By the way, in the last days of the week it is your couple who should take the initiative and gather the people dear to the heart under the roof of their house, this will positively affect the flow of energy into the home and will have the best effect on the atmosphere in it. Where is it more profitable to use a more moderate approach? This is a time for new intentions around health and body. Settle in a measured routine that will lead you where you need to go. Gemini or Gemini Rising birds lined up along the branch, slowly twitter.

Let your voice be heard. There is an opportunity for versatile creativity. Naturally, you express yourself, just as it is natural for birds to sing. It is important to note this symbol that there are many birds, not just one. You cannot do your creative work in a vacuum. But this is bad luck: the partner will be in the grip of completely different moods, he will want calm and measured. From here the legs will grow at odds, the peak of which will fall on the last days of the week. There is nothing wrong with the fact that once or twice you will not be published together.

You must be creative as a form of self-expression. Cancer or Cancer Ascending Italic handwriting that rolls like waves on the shore. As the world changes, some things are lost. Change is part of the natural order of things. But let the past and future flow like the waves on the shore. Do not hold them too tight. Feel your emotions completely, but do not overdo what could be, or what can be. Stay rooted for the moment. A piercing nibbler. Curiosity inspires you to burn knowledge. What do you need to know? May your desire for mental expansion help you.

And once you find out, you can also teach. Be mentally active so you are not bored. Your level of mental participation is your responsibility. Virgo or Virgo Climbing Sweeping the front chest. Typical duties may be acts of devotion. Thanks to your actions and efforts, you are building something beautiful.

In the meantime, continue to care for the living area that needs attention. It is possible that this is the very love that came by accident and could not be explained Family Capricorns should not demand perfection from loved ones, do not criticize them. If you want others to do what you entrusted to them in a quality manner, praise them and thus motivate them to act, rather than make claims.

Through this moderate and balanced action, you will expand your self-esteem and this will expand your world. Stay active, attentive and consider the details. What does this new moon mean in love for Libra for you? Get out of your box with your friends or partners this week. You can take a clean break or beat someone special when you are clear with your intention. Insight is your ally this month.

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This month, your little trifle in your life comes to life the planet of love Venus and the new moon this Thursday. Review your daily routine. Serious Saturn supports clear and decisive action. Let go of unnecessary people, projects, or plans so that your life works for you. Weekly Horoscope Oct , Aquarius A pair of Aquarius after the 16th should pay attention to the slightest changes in the mood of a loved one. It is possible that the heavy thoughts that he bears are connected with you. Try to find out what exactly is eating him, and remove all questions.

How long have you not visited your parents or other close relatives? Give them a surprise, pay a visit in the second half of the week. Your arrival will be incredibly welcome! If you are in a quarrel with one of the family members, a chance to make peace will appear on October 20, when you fall under the protection of the moon.