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It is said that he left his home in search of God at the very tender age of eight. He lived away from his family for a period of time, but to complete his education and shoulder his family responsibilities, he returned. Katyayan Astrology astrologer - Future planning and advise to follow correct paths Show more. Ss Astro Consultants astrologer - Interprets based on areas of interest and go deep into individual horoscope using special Lagnas viz.

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I provide life time graph of raises and falls of the individual for over 80 years of life enabling the customer to plan for success. Besides I also provide auspicious Muhurta times for House warming, Marriages etc. Compatibility for match fixing for marriages. Hb Astrology astrologer - In depth root cause analysis with successful solutions and remedial measures are provided Show more. Gvm astrologer - Sorry For the Inconvenience.

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Free of cost Consultancy on every sunday. Our Astrology Services for human help only. Health Problem. You may write us your problem and we will reply within 48 hours. You can pay later, we believe in Good Deeds. Our Email address: gvmhelp24x7 gmail. I provide your life graph based on Indian predictive astrology along with 21 more pages. Astrologer Pt. Lakshmi Shankar Shukla astrologer - Astrovision astrologer - km from Tambaram East Hyderabad.

We publish astrology books and conduct classes.

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More services in Tambaram East. France Germany United Kingdom. Spain Italy Poland. Press and Media. Legal Notice. How it works. Questions are triggered from, what I rationalized as, a preface in the Naadi at hand. Do you have xxx siblings.

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Were you born in the month of xxx.? And many more. Confirmation of a set of data points through your responses, enable them to zoom into the Naadi that is relevant to you and you alone. The process continued until they declared Eureka! Once the Naadi was identified they started the reading process. I felt a surge of very mixed emotions as he rattled off brief aspects of my past life as a princess, and the grief I had caused to people of my land.

Therefore I was born again. I was thankful that I was a human being in my past life as well, vs. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a day to just get to the right one, assuming your Naadi is indeed at the location you are visiting. Once it is found, the reading can take another hours — or longer, if you decide to go beyond the general reading and delve into all 13 chapters.

Details about you are recorded across 13 chapters, each chapter dedicated to a particular aspect — family life, business, health, past life etc. Good and bad occurrences in your current life are a direct result of karmic influences. And the prescribed pariharams vary in their shapes and sizes.

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It could be anything from, say, lighting a lamp for one of the Navagrahas on a specified day of every week, for 6 months……to visiting XYZ temple and making the specified donations to the presiding deity….. In my case, there were 2 temples that were spelt out very descriptively. Traveling through rugged terrain to get there was quite an experience. Another temple I visited as part of the pariharam was in the early hours of the morning of Dec. The temple was a mile or so away from the shores. By different temple staff and for varying reasons. In hind sight, I saw this as an invisible and divine restraint from venturing beyond, what I rationalized as, protected range.

Besides, I had made elaborate plans to explore nearby Poompuhar on the way out, the historic town on the estuary of Kaveri. As we broke our fast that morning at a local haunt, the friendly waiters got chatting and said there was nothing much to see in Poompuhar and I was a little agitated with what I thought was their illiteracy. I read later that this once important trading port was destroyed by what might have been a Tsunami about years ago. Other family members who were keeping tabs on the already delayed departure as a result of the prolonged darshan saw this as an opportunity to skip this leg of the trip and head back, which we eventually did after much debate.

I was not a happy camper then. As we walked back to the hotel, our driver said we need to head out soon as the village was getting flooded. We dismissed it as unwarranted panic as the sun was up and there was no sign of rain. So we took our time to check out and finally hit the road. We were still quite not sure what was happening until we turned on the radio to learn of a massive flooding situation at the Marina Beach in Chennai and other coastal regions of Tamilnadu. It was not until we arrived in Chennai and saw visual images of the destruction that we realized the magnitude of the incident and our miraculous journey into and through the ravaged regions.

As for Poompuhar, never mind that I was unable to see the ruins of the Dutch fort and other historical footprints there. It was not spared from the tsunami that morning. I owe much for the seeming illiteracy of the waiters at the village restaurant that triggered the deviation from plan. Every once in a while angels come by our paths, unrecognizable in the moment most of the time — to guide, to lead, to sometimes define what we only later realize as life-altering moments.

After the Naadi experience you start questioning if anything is really in your control. I certainly did. The Naadi astrologer read the script an incomprehensible dialect of Tamil from the palm leaf and then translated it in vernacular Tamil. I presume they have translation services in English. As part of the service, after the reading was completed, they transcribed the Naadi details on to a book, recorded the details on to a tape and handed them to me before drawing the curtains on this episode of my life.

Now I saw how our forefathers had secured the livelihood of generations of Naadi astrologers! My concerns about their sustenance were superfluous after all. What mattered was the fact that I embarked on the Naadi mentally resolved to fulfill the prescription — and my rationalization was very simple.

EVEN if executing the pariharams fail to correct whatever imbalances I am supposedly born to endure, even if it fails to manifest obviously apparent ROI, visiting a temple surely cannot do any harm. So why not? All I can say is it comes as a package, and is not for the meek hearted. I headed back from the Tambaram house thinking I must return to delve more into the chapter that elaborates on my past life. It was both fascinating and mysterious. It kindled a desire to go on an expedition to pry into [what they referred to as] my previous incarnation.

Venture back in time and perhaps discover, among other things, fractured self-portraits along the way, on the broken walls of some obscure castle ruins!! Boy, what a journey THAT would be!!! Interested in Nadi reading. Can you mail me the address of Mr. Thanks, Mukul. Happy New Year to all friends on this blog.

Thanks for showing interest in my work on Naadi.

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Chandrakant Shewale, Chief Organiser of the conference lit the lamps along with Mrs. Alka Oak, Prof Adwayanand Galtage. Chanting of Mantras from Vedas and Upanishads was conducted by Dr. Nityanand Deshmukh and Party. Staff like Naadi readers, translators and Table Managers and helpers except owners of Naadi centres were honoured with a special trophy, a Uparna Scarf , Flower and Gaurav Patra. Letter of Honour. Books Fare Stalls from Books shops were doing brisk business to sell thousands of rupees worth books on Naadi predictions by Wing Commander Oak in Marathi, Hindi and English and other authors.

Unique Experiences The personalities mentioned in my book having strange and unique instances spoke with authority. Wing Commander Rakesh Nanda spoke how he used to help people from any part of country when called over on his Mobile Nos. From Air Martial to even Havildars, how he had served with out any personal gains but as a service to the Maharshees. Pheroze narrated how he mistook his Puja in one of Shiva Temple. He had to go again to perform it with same reverence and faith. How he was rewarded with many opportunities to him and his family members. Subhash Havre stated how he is still fighting fit after nine 9 heart Attacks and admission in famous Ruby Hospital in Pune.

How he was guided to administer siddha medicines as per predictions from Leaves. He also distributed more than laminated pictures of Agasthya Maharshi. Magician enthralled with his trick to produce a note out of nothing but he said his trick is nothing in front of divining of exact details by great Maharshees of ancient past. Vijay Bhatkar, Padmashree award winner and Computer wizard and Naadi Lover could not attend the function due to his preoccupation with other invitation.


The Chief Naadi astrologers were honoured with 1. Shores of which none could comprehend. The life of a person is like a boat with two oars. Presuming that I am the sole le decider of my destiny. The boat fluctuates of its own. The boat rolls on the sails on which great Maharishis have encoded prophesies of countless souls.

Bouquet of flower, 3. Uparna, 5. Photo of Agasthya Maharishi. Some of them who could not make it due various reasons were given the trophy later. Some other prominent features will be put up later if asked for by the readers. One should avoid going just anywhere n chances are if u go to those unestablished places u ll be taken for a ride. Now, a centre in Chennai to get authentic Nadi reading by expert Nadi Readers. They found my palm leaf after asking around questions. They even made my birth chart and it matched with the actual one I have.

I was surprised. But the predictions for the future were all wrong i. If you do not want any dispute into your joint family? Love is beautiful and precious feeling then everything. When you fall in love all world seems like a heaven for you because on the earth is beautiful type of feeling that everyone wants to feel these lovely feeling.

But when you fall in love with someone and want to get marry with that person on that time you have to face many difficulties in your life and you feeling helpless. Here we discuss about some love issues which are faced by the every lover.